Guidelines and Application

The Barcoding Life's Matrix program is not a kit-in-a-box learning experience.

This academically rigorous and interdisciplinary research experience is designed to innovate and update high school science curricula and engage teachers in the advancement of a new educational model to enhance their instructional practices. The specific educational outcomes and impacts sought by the program are extensively discussed during each training workshop.

Twenty teachers will be accepted into the program each year. Teachers who are accepted for enrollment are minimally required to:

  • Participate in an intensive 6-day research experience during the summer (support will be provided to help defray the cost of participants' travel expenses)

  • Implement the program's 16-unit curriculum with ONE class of 11th and/or 12th grade students during the school year

  • Participate in an annual Learning Community Meeting toward the end of the school year

  • Complete and administer all program-related evaluations and assessments

The overall success of the program is critically reliant upon the full engagement of participants in the professional development experience, which includes active reflection on their experiences and teaching practices. Participation in this program therefore requires teachers to commit to the full 12-month program cycle. Click here for an overview of the 12-month program sequence.


The selection of applicants will be based on a variety of criteria, including academic credentials, subject matter competency, a demonstrated ability to modify curricula, and experience in implementing differentiated instruction and specific instructional strategies for English language learners. As part of the application process, principals are required to complete and submit a recommendation form on behalf of program applicants. The primary purpose of the recommendation form is to verify the applicant’s ability to integrate what they have learned into their classroom teaching practices, and to confirm that the applicant does not have conflicting professional demands/commitments that may compromise his/her ability to complete the program in its entirety.

In order to apply for a professional development training workshop, teachers must first create an online account using the link button that appears at the bottom of this page. An account management page will be automatically created for active account holders, which will enable them to complete and submit a workshop application form through CMB’s online management system. Please refer to the Workshop Schedule link for available workshop dates and a daily schedule of the professional development training sequence.

A number of advanced features will be activated on the account management page once a teacher has completed a training workshop and practice delivery session.  These features will enable workshop participants to reserve equipment loans and gain access to program-related materials. Specific details on how to use the advanced features of the account management system will be covered at the conclusion of each training workshop.

Access to scientific equipment, supplies, and instructional materials will only be granted to teachers who successfully complete a professional development training workshop and practice delivery session.

Registration is currently open to 11th and 12th grade science teachers in the LAUSD Linked Learning/CTE community.
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