Equipment Loan Reservations

Teachers who complete a professional development workshop are eligible to reserve a full suite of transportable equipment through CMB or one of its affiliates. Teachers are required to submit a summary of their evaluation plan to the Project Evaluator for approval. Once approved, you will be granted access to the online equipment loan reservation system. To reserve equipment, log into your account, click the equipment/material loan calendar on the left sidebar of your main account page, and choose an available time block.

Equipment loan dates for new program participants are:

10/20 - 11/07
11/10 - 12/05 (extra time due to holidays)
12/08 - 01/09 (extra time due to holidays)
01/12 - 01/30
02/02 - 02/27 (extra time due to holidays)
03/02 - 03/20
03/23 - 04/10
04/13 - 05/01
05/04 - 05/22